Writing from the heart

Now that Little Belle’s book is almost ready for publishing, I can sometimes have the feeling of ‘Oh, I am really going to share this with the ‘world’?’ Don’t get me wrong, I love to share Little Belle’s story with you. I know the way she inspired me and keeps inspiring me, will inspire others, too.  It’s just my part of the story that is less easy to share. In the first part of the book, I describe certain parts of my life I’ve never shared before.
The funny thing that happened while writing is that I found it more difficult to write from my perspective than from Belle’s. I struggled to find the right words, and to describe my thoughts and feelings in the ‘show don’t tell’ way.

Truly writing from the heart is also making me vulnerable. So that’s what it is; I feel vulnerable. Yet, I also realize that vulnerability is something good. Being able to share my fears, hopes, pain, joys and dreams is also a sign of strength. To just be myself. The same I always want for my dogs; that they can be themselves. This is possible only when they can express their own thoughts and feelings, not being restricted by people’s expectations.

Yes, it can feel uncertain and emotional, not knowing how people will read Little Belle’s book, what they think of it, how they will respond. But I realize that every person will read it differently. Everyone has their own story, experiences in life, and this will also determine each one’s opinion.


One word that I think of now is ‘courage’. It takes courage to be vulnerable. There was this one little dog that experienced the most painful and heartbreaking life that we can’t even call it a ‘life’. A little dog that had nothing but only suffering. Yet, there was one thing she still kept alive deep within - her own hopes and dreams. Only these gave her the strength to hold on, to not give up.

When she finally truly lived, she knew what it felt like to just be herself. Being herself gave her an immense joy and zest for life.
Her name is Little Belle.