Life's Magic

Just 2 weeks ago, Little Belle’s book was released! Sometimes I still can’t believe that it finally really happened, the dream Little Belle and I had to share her inspiring story with the world. I can still remember the day we started writing when Belle was lying next to me. Of course, we had already share(d) her story on Facebook and Instagram, but now in book form it is something totally different. Also, many things written in the book have never been shared before.

Little Belle’s book is not about her whole story. The last chapter ends with a happy and special moment at the beach, one of her most favorite places.
I could have written more - about the moment we found out that she had a tumor on her jaw, about her last months with us, and the day we had to say goodbye. Actually, I had already started with that part of her life but soon realized that her journey through all of these challenges was so much more that I could write a whole new book. A second book. So, I finally chose to end this first book about Little Belle with this joyful moment, as well as another one with a lot of meaning, but I won’t reveal it here. You just have to read it 🙂

The book is told from two perspectives, Little Belle and I. We alternate back and forth sharing our life stories together.
The first part is about Little Belle in the puppy mill where she shares her experiences in a place we cannot believe still exists today. Of course, I didn’t know the exact details of Little Belle’s past, so I wrote those parts based on what I know about puppy mills. Yes, those first chapters are truly heartbreaking. Sometimes I thought maybe it is too much for the reader and then he or she might stop reading. But then I realized that this is just the hard truth that can’t stay hidden. This is the reality of so many mother dogs and their puppies.

Another reason to write about this part of Little Belle’s life is to show that nothing could break her spirit, her hopes, and her zest for life – and each of us can learn a lot from her. When you read more and more, chapter after chapter, you will also experience other feelings - feelings and emotions that will warm your heart and make you smile. Little Belle always made me smile.
‘Irene’ tells about her past, sharing certain parts of her life that made a big impact and the effects of them are still present here today (I will write about this more in another blog).

The second part of the book is about Little Belle coming home - her first days, weeks, and months with her new forever family; her deep fears; overcoming medical issues – including one where we almost lost her; and the arrival of new family members and enjoying life together.

The last part is about Belle losing her last eye and how she copes with being blind. The journey Belle and ‘Irene’ went through together, and for Belle to navigate through life without seeing with her eye, but seeing so much more with all her other senses. How true love, deep connection, and guidance from the heart make life magical.
~ Irene