Little Belle


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Where love is, magic happens

The true and inspiring story of a little dog who, after living for almost 12 years in a puppy mill, finally finds freedom again. After being rescued, not only does her life change, but so does that of Irene, the woman who adopts her. Their story unfolds from both perspectives.

Belle shares her experiences and suffering in the puppy mill, about her rescue and finding her family, and how she copes with all her fears and fragile health. Irene tells about her background, how she copes with daily pain and fatigue, and how she finds her passion in life. Together they share the growing bond between them, how deep love can be and feel, and how facing life’s challenges can provide an even deeper understanding of each other and the world.

When Belle loses her sight, life changes again, but her amazing strength and resilience show once again how much she loves life and wants to share all life’s magic with her Irene and family.


A heartwarming tale of courage, joy, love, perseverance, and pure magic that will forever inspire us to look at life differently, just as Belle and Irene have unshakable faith and hope that life is beautiful no matter what.

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