The moment Little Belle joined our family, my life changed. The way she perceived life through all her hardships had, and always will have, a profound impact on me and how I perceive life. You can read all about this in our book.
Because of Little Belle, our family of dogs grew, and now I am the founder of Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary, where old and differently abled dogs are living their lives to the fullest. I spend most of my time with the dogs, who all have their own specific needs and desires in life. My biggest passion is being together with the animals and live life fully from the heart.
Over the years I experienced how people can look at animals who are different and/or senior with health issues. How they can judge and think it is animal unworthy. This touches me deeply, especially given my own experience with dogs that are different. Aren’t we all different and therefore unique?
Like any other dog, they can perceive and experience the world around them. They are just as eager to experience all kinds of adventures and especially to enjoy life! Being differently abled or not being able to do something does not mean that there is no possibility of a wonderful full life.

I live with my husband, dogs, and horses in the Netherlands.

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